Abu Dhabi tour company to add hydrogen cars to its fleet

Abu Dhabi tour company to add hydrogen cars to its fleet

Building on the momentum from COP28, an Abu Dhabi-based tours and logistics company is set to add hydrogen cars to its fleet from a leading Emirati firm specialising in the energy sector.

Nirvana Tours and Logistics (NTL), a subsidiary of Nirvana Holding, announced plans to trial six cutting-edge hydrogen-fueled cars from MMEC Mannesmann – a local company specialising in the oil, gas, mining, and renewable energy sectors. NTL, a sister company to Nirvana Travel and Tourism, manages hotel booking, transportation, event management, group tours, and more.

According to the International Energy Agency, transport emissions grew at an annual average rate of 1.7 per cent from 1990 to 2022. To be on track with net zero emissions by 2050, emissions from the transport sector must fall by more than 3 per cent per year by 2030.

Top officials from the entities noted the collaborative effort towards eco-friendly transportation solutions aligns with the UAE leadership’s directives and the national agenda for sustainability. It also reflects the UAE’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050, a strategy reiterated at COP28.

Omar Al Ali, CEO of Nirvana Tours and Logistics, underlined that adding hydrogen-fuelled cars will contribute to the UAE’s vision of a greener and cleaner future.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with MMEC Mannesmann in testing the potential of hydrogen-fueled cars. This initiative underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry by adopting innovative solutions that align with global sustainability goals. Exploring hydrogen-fueled vehicles is part of our bid to contribute to sustainability in the UAE and beyond,” Al Ali noted.

Anas Aljuaidi, CEO of MMEC Mannesmann, said that such collaboration agreements between local entities are a pivotal step in UAE’s march towards a sustainable future.

“This partnership is a testament to our collective commitment to decarbonisation, emphasising that together, we can forge a path towards environmental stewardship and a brighter, sustainable future for generations. The global challenge arises from fuelling vehicles with diesel and petrol, resulting in environmental repercussions due to carbon emissions. The utilisation of hydrogen presents a solution by significantly reducing carbon emissions,” Aljuaidi added.